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24k gilt terminal
24k gilt terminal

US$ 3.99

Fabricate Schematic Drawing:
●First,use the insulation sleeve(the smaller side of inside diameter) to pass through the red leading wire on positive electrode ●Tin-plating on gilt terminal pin contact and leading wire and then soldering both side with flat-iron(Caution : be sure you done this with the right electrode) ●Pushing forward the insulation sleeve and using implement to push it into the fixed position which signed by arrow

●Then,after soldering the gilt terminal socket contact,put the insulation sleeve on ●The connecting way with speed controller



●Using high conductivity copper alloy
●24K gold-plated surface for high conductivity
●Continuous current 50A
(NOTE: Never use different size of connectors on 3mm gilt terminal, for example 3.5mm etc. It may cause some problems such as bed electric conduction, motor start not smooth and ESC may cut off the power.)
●3mm pin terminal x 3pcs
●3mm socket terminal x 3pcs
●Heat shrink tube x 6 PCS
●Gilt terminal insulation sleeve x 2

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