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€ 34.99
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RCE-P180 DC To AC Power Inverter
RCE-P180 DC To AC Power Inverter

€ 48.99

Diagram1:Inverter wire connection. One inverter can handle a RCC-6CX charger.
Diagram2:one inverter can handle six RCC-4CX, or eight RCC-3CX.
Instructions: Specification:
●Utilizes programmable firmware control for higher conversion efficiency, with reduced input power consumption.
●Protection against input voltage, current, overload, and over temperature.
●Error condition display and audible alarm to assist in abnormal condition discovery and troubleshoot.
●Application to ALIGN Li-Po chargers 3CX/4CX/6CX.
●Multiple chargers can be connected together based on the sum of each charger’s power ratings (watts). For example, one inverter can handle one RCC-6CX, or six RCC-4CX, or eight RCC-3CX.

●Input power:DC 11.0~14.5V, or Lead Acid Pb 12V(automotive) battery.
●Output power:AC 110V ±5% /60HZ
●Idle Current:Less than 0.3A
●Low voltage alarm threshold:10.5V±0.5V
●Low/High voltage protection threshold:10.0V±0.5V /15.0V±0.5V
●Temperature protection:60°±10°
●Size:123 x 72 x 46 mm

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