Focus Shots

Standard Equipment

●ALIGN M6T22 V2 Kits Set x 1 set
●22L Chemical Container x 1
●M6 Motor Power System x 6
(Max. Tensile Force : 15.5 KG/Set)
●A13P Transmitter set x 1
●Millimeter Wave Radar x 1
●Front Obstacle Avoidance Radar x 1
●Portable 3K Carbon Fiber Battery Mount x 1

Shipping Instructions

Pre-assembled and well-tested in factory.
Packing Dimension

ALIGN M6T22 V2 Product Specification

Airframe: 1620mm
Height: 628mm
Foldable Rotor: 3090(350mm)
Main Rotor Diameter: 778mm
Power System: M6 Motor (Max. Tensile Force 15.5kg/set)
Chemical Container: 22L
Limited Payload: 20L
Max. Working Speed: 20km/H.
Flight Time Without Payload:
Approx. 17 mins. (w/ 22000mAh battery x 2)
Spray Operation Flight Time:
Approx. 8~10 mins. (w/ 22000mAh battery x 2)
Max. Wind-resistance: force 8 wind

Self-provided Equipment

UP600+ Balance Charger (AC 110V or AC 220V) x 2 set
●Main Power Battery 6S Li-Po 16000~22000mAh x 4 pcs (= 2 set) and more
ALIGN Flying Simulator for flying practice
●8" Tablet
  • * Support Android V8.0 or better.
  • * Considering the best working efficiency, the specifications of the tablet are recommended as follows: 8” Tablet, 6 Core CPU, 3GB RAM, more than 32GB ROM storage space and support 5G Wi-Fi.
  • * The max. dimension of screen bracket is 240 x 169mm.
●Tablet Suggestions:
  Samsung Galaxy Tab A /Model Type:SM-T385
  Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 /Model Type:T295 (LTE)
  Samsung Galaxy P200
  Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 /Model Type:SM-T510
  Mi Band 4
  M8 3G+32G
  ASUS ZenPad 3 8.0 /Model Type:Z581KL
●Cell phone Suggestions:
  Samsung Galaxy S9 4G+64G 6.1 Inch
  Mi Band 9/9A 4G+64G 6.5 Inch

ALIGN M6T22 V2 Specification

M6 Motor Power Set Specification

●Recommended Battery:12S (LiPo)
●Sustained Ceiling Current:80A(2sec)
●Max. Tensile Force : 15.5kg/Set (46V)
● Working Environment Temperature : -20~65℃
● Protection Rating : IPX7


Millimeter Wave Radar

●Emission Frequency:24Ghz
●Emission Power ( EIRP ):20 dBm
●Measurement Accuracy:5cm
●Update Rate:94Hz
●Working Temperature:-25℃~85℃

Obstacle Avoidance Radar System

●Transmission Frequency:24GHz
●Power Consumption:3W
●Detection Range:0.5~15m(Depend on target size and material)
●Detection Angle:Horizontal 28 degree / Vertical 14 degree
●Effictive Flight Condition:
  Flight Altitude over 1.5m
  Flight Speed lower than 5m/s
●Start Safe Braking Distance:6m
●Safe Braking Distance:2~3M
●Approaching Direction:Forward-looking

ALIGN Flying Simulator
Flight Safety