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US$ 61.99
Customer group:Guest

550E Three-Blade Rotor Head
550E Three-Blade Rotor Head

US$ 218.99

Instruction: Specification:
●Suitable for T-REX 550/600
●For T-REX 550E and T-REX 600, must use with 600DFC Main Shaft Set(H60243A).
●The new 550E Three-Blade Rotor Head is specially made from 3-D rotation surface process, as well as aerospace grade aluminum alloy, strongly enhance structural toughness and precision. Also painted with high texture and bright red satin plating color highlight the extraordinary craftsmanship and beauty all in one. The new three-blade head provide superior flight stability with low CG design allow to reduce flying resistance but bring more rigidity and fast response on the other hand. Pilots can easily control between active and static condition, and enjoy the pleasure from the flight.

Optional Equipment:
●550E Three Tail Blade Set(H55T005XXW)
●520 Carbon Fiber Blades / 3(HD520D)
●90 Carbon Fiber Tail Blades / 3(HQ0900D)

●Three-Blade Rotor Housing x 1
●Metal Main Rotor Holder x 3
●Three-Blade Shaft Set x 3
●Head Damper (Φ8xΦ12.9x6.5mm) x 3
●Elevator ball link (Φ5xΦ6x19mm) x 6
●550E Three-Blade Shaft screw x 3
●Linkage rod A x 3
●Spacer (Φ8xΦ11x1.3mm) x 3
●Spindle bearing spacer (Φ10xΦ13.8x0.4mm) x 6
●Thrust Bearing F8-14M (Φ8xΦ14x4.5mm) x 3
●MR148ZZ Bearing (Φ8xΦ14x4mm) x 6
●Washer (Φ5xΦ12x1mm) x 3
●Socket Collar Screw (M3x6mm) x 6
●Socket Screw (M3x10mm) x 2
●Socket Button Head Screw (M2.5x8mm) x 2
●Socket Collar Screw (M3x19mm) x 2
●Socket Collar Screw (M4x25mm) x 3
●Socket Screw (M5x10mm) x 3
●M3 Nut x 2
●M4 Nut x 3
●Main Blade Grip Arm x 3
●Φ5 Linkage Ball B (M3x4) x 3
●Elevator Arm Set x 2
●Linkage Rod Set x 1
●Washer (Φ3xΦ4.8x0.3mm) x 2
●Linkage rod holder x 6
●550E Three-Blade Rotor Main Shaft x 1
●Main shaft spacer 0.3mm x 1
●Main shaft spacer 0.5mm x 1
●CCPM Metal Swashplate x 1
●Linkage Ball B (M3x4) x 5
●Φ5 Linkage ball D (M3x3.5) x 1
●Φ5 Long linkage ball (M3x4) x 1

This Product was added to our catalog on Thursday, 28. July 2016.

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